Cube Orchestra

by root posted 15 September, 2014 category

Mostra Sonora i Visual del Convent de Sant Agustí (9/06/12)

Cube Orchestra comes from a research project by three students of the Master in Sound and Music Computing at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. The main intention was to develop an alternative system for electronic music live performance. Using a projection and a few touch smartphones and tablets, musicians visually transmit to the audience and themselves feedback of the interaction. Through direct manipulation of these visual objects, different instruments can be created and modified applying different types of effects. The objective of Cube Orchestra is proposing new paradigms for music live electronics that improve the interaction between musicians and audience, avoiding the traditional system “laptop live set.” Using various tools that simulate virtual synthesizers and drum machines analog electronics it is created a new proposal with a visual component formed by different geometric shapes that provide a dynamic visual reflection of all sound actions. Cube Orchestra is committed to electronic sounds with traditional influences of ambient music, techno and house.

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